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The next level of performance, is the Second Dimension™. With the success of the Continuum™ Core in the original Dimension™, we decided to focus our attention on the other half.

We first pearlized, then reformulated the R2X™ coverstock by infusing a physically altered mica known as Enhanced Traction Mica (E.T.M.). Our tests showed a 15% increase in surface profile, and as the ball traveled down the lane, we saw a 10% jump in friction values.

Amazingly, these surface values remained consistent all the way from the factory polished to a 1000-grit Abralon™ finish. This technology offers maximum flexibility by adding length and increased entry angle to the pocket on medium to lighter volume patterns.

Welcome to the Second Dimension










The recent focus of high performance bowling ball technology has been based on asymmetry and pushing the limits of physics. Storm Products® has turned the corner with the new Dimension™.

The Core: At the heart of the Dimension is the all-new, technologically advanced Continuum™ core. By inverting and rotating two identical asymmetric halves 90 degrees, and then merging them together, we have created equal mass displacement.

This translates into a tune-able break point found in asymmetry with the continuation and finish of symmetry. This high performance ball possesses tremendous versatility and performance to fit a variety of styles and conditions.

The Cover: Conceived by a company whose vision is relentless and developed for the bowling purist; Storm's R2X™ is clearly the new benchmark of traction performance in oil. The R2X™ coverstock is a product of continual evolution and refinement which occurs at the highest levels of research and development.

This highly durable, enhanced friction coverstock continues to deliver from the foul line through the pin deck on a variety of medium to heavy oil patterns with the out of the box 2000-grit Abralon™ finish. Minor surface adjustments, from polished to dull, will open up endless possibilities for the next Dimension™ in bowling.