The Playmaker combines two of the most popular features of recent history, the core of the VII and the cover of The One...The Playmaker is a pearlized version of the Gamebreaker. The Playmaker will provide greater length out of the box vs. the Gamebreaker while still providing a strong mid-lane roll with backend continuation.





Category Value
Style 029744-67810
Color Black/Purple/Silver Pearl
Reaction Strong Mid-Lane with Good Backend
Coverstock GB 10.7
Core VII
Weight 10-16 LBS.




The Pin Slasher is defined by its ever successful VII core and our GBV12.7 coverstock; a cover that allows for a strong, smooth ball motion giving the ball a heavy hook potential. These two elements combined are what make the Pin Slasher the one and only choice for professional level play.


Category Value
Color Navy/Teal
Reaction Strong/Continuous Ball Motion
Coverstock GBV12.7
Core VII Core Design
Weight 12-16 lbs.